Dear donors, 

Together with Fr. Samir Esaid and his wife, Principal Sabah Zurikat, we are pleased that you wish to make a donation to the Arab Episcopal School (AES). With this donation you support this inclusion school, which has been established since 2001 in Irbid, Jordan. The AES works according to peace education principles. This includes the joint teaching of: 

  • blind, visually impaired and sighted children (inclusion) 
  • Boys and girls (coeducation) 
  • Christians and Muslims (inter-religious education) 

Help that others can help.
Some support financially, others with their hours…

Your options:

  • One-time donation
  • Standing order
  • Godchild
  • Teacher salary

For your support of the AES we thank the Förderverein Inklusionsschule Irbid (FII) e.V. you very sincerely.

Bank details:

FII e.V.
Volksbank Hohenlohe e.G.
IBAN: DE96 6209 1800 0344 2820 07